Learn more about our services by selecting the title of each service: design and engineering services, molding services, and mold building services and contact us for a price quote or for more details.

  • Design and Engineering Services: We work with skilled engineers to offer you full-service industrial design with CAD and drafting, design, engineering, analysis, moldability, and manufacturability services.

  • Injection Molding Services: We use our molding press to mold thermoplastics and olefin materials to provide you with the most consistently prepared end products.


  • Mold Building Services: We build mold inserts to cut down on cost in producing molded materials by utilizing single cavity molds. We also offer analysis on molds you already have so they can be improved.

  • Examples: View some of our projects and sample parts to see what quality work we do and if we're a good fit to fulfill your needs.