Mold Building Services

Your molds will be designed and built by a group of toolmakers with the skill and experience to produce the appropriate mold to meet the requirements of each application.  

  • Single and multi-cavity complete molds. 
  • MUD (Master Unit Die) unit mold inserts that fit into standard frames. 
  • Interchangeable cavity/core inserts to fit a single mold base. Allows different parts to be interchangeably produced from one mold. Excellent for lower volume products which are made in different sizes yet can utilize a common ejection system and material delivery system.

We are running molds with these characteristics:

  • Manual ‘hand-pull’ core actions
  • Simple to complex insert molding
  • Single shot and multi-shot overmolding.
  • Automatic cam actions and slides which are actuated by angle pins, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and unscrewing motors.
  • Cold runner, two-plate and three-plate systems
  • Hot sprue into cold runner or gating directly into part
  • Hot runner, valve gate systems

We can utilize molding simulation software to provide various inputs to mold design.

We design and build custom gauges and fixtures for product assembly and inspection.


Transferring A Mold To Us

We have inherited many molds and we have developed our program to successfully transfer your molds to us. We will evaluate your mold and report its condition and any maintenance needs. We will sample the mold, following sound molding practices, to determine process parameters which produce parts closest to the specified dimensional and visual characteristics of your part print. With your input, we will develop appropriate part inspection and process control procedures. We will then measure process capability to ensure consistency in product output.